Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday swinging

 I think our backyard is our favorite spot at home

Kate noticed a few beautiful blooms and picked them for her room.  
I smiled when I saw them in a bud vase in her window sill.  

 These hammocks have been a hit this summer and fall!

We keep trying to talk Quincy into moving in with us-
she just smiles :)

Sunday, October 8, 2017


As we were driving to Sunday dinner Ellie was in the passenger's seat.  We were actually attempting to tow the VW bus truck to Nana's to store for the winter...or longer, but that is a long story for another day.

She reflected...

isn't it amazing how all of our bones, muscles and ligaments work together?

As we drove down the hill toward the round-about we agreed--- the amazing intricacies of our bodies, even those that don't function perfectly, testify to the reality of a God who created us, a Father who has a plan for us.  Every cell in our body has a function.  Our bodies were created to fight for life, to protect from illness, to heal.

On the way home our discussion continued-

humans are the most dominant animal on the planet.

Jungle Book reminds us that man has the tools of fire and invention.  The animals told Mowgli, DON'T USE YOUR TRICKS.

it would be fascinating to be a researcher-


I love listening to her thoughts.  It is interesting to me, that as she is gathering truths from school, literature, movies and personal experience, I get to reflect on one of the greatest testaments of the reality of God...the moment SHE, my first baby was placed into my arms.  I knew that this precious baby was more than x/y chromosome - zygote - baby.  She was a MIRACLE.  A literal miracle.  A spirit filled the room that wasn't there before.  I felt immediately that she was filled with light and wanted knowledge.  That spirit in her continues today.  I could never deny after March 4th, 2002 at 5:13 a.m. that not only was there a Heavenly Father with a plan for me, but that HE is greater than I ever imagined.  


Saturday, October 7, 2017

science project

She has missing assignments and a grade to attest to the dread she felt having to complete an 8th grade science project.  To her surprise, as she rolled up her sleeves today to do the experiment-
It helps that her back yard, plants, water and sunshine were involved.

It didn't hurt that her favorite assistant was available too.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

until you believe in yourself

For years we have asked Kate-
would you like to try a sport?

no, I might drown

I might break my leg

I hate running

(Laugh) are you serious?!

I can barely somersault

Some of the excuses were sincere- but most of them were offered with a smile.
In PE this term she has been playing volleyball.  One of her classmates suggested, after playing with her, that she should join a volleyball team.  She was enthused, interested and excited.  All of us feel better after we exercise.  It is hard to fit it into the few free daylight hours a jr high school schedule allows. I was so grateful for that classmate that believed in her, which in turn inspired Kate to believe in herself.  I signed her up for the volleyball class today.

Going through photographs for another project, I ran into this-my Aunt Jossy.  I love the joy on her face doing what she loves!

Ideally, wouldn't it be wonderful if we each had the vision and foresight to believe in ourselves without the need for outside encouragement?  I think I get  s l o w l y  better at this the older I get.   But in the meantime, my aunt Jossy has been such a strong influence for me.  I remember two instances in particular.

When I was 21 and leaving to serve an LDS mission, we stayed in her home before heading to the MTC.  My dad said something on that visit about me "not being college material"  (In my dad's defense, I was not a strong high school student- absentminded, unmotivated and often below average grades.)  Aunt Jossy didn't believe it and saw a greater potential in me and in the university system.  I did graduate from college several years later (a bachelors in Speech and Hearing Science) often on the honor roll.

While studying at the University of Utah I took a fine art class.  Aunt Jossy had an art studio in Salt Lake City at the time.  She asked me about the class.  I told her of some of the discouraging feedback my professor had given me (I don't remember his words now) and she wouldn't hear of it.  When others put up a hurdle she coached me over it.  (Whether those hurdles had merit or not.)

We don't alway have the vision of our own potential.  As a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend-I want to inspire growth, cheer people over their hurdles and believe in their hopes and dreams.  Just like my aunt Jossy has done for me. So, until they believe in themselves- there is me.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving in St George

We were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving break in St George with our Davis family.  Amanda and Randy invited all of us to their new home.  We had 27 people...
Godfrey's - 7
Ngatuvai's - 7
Paul - 3
Go Ute Nana
Lloyd's - 4
and US - 5

We ate great food, took turns cooking.  Thanksgiving dinner was a delicious feast.
We saw two movies- Moana and Arrival.
The kids swam regardless of temperature...there was one day that I believe the only times Sophie got out of the pool or hot tub was to eat.
The adults went to Anasazi Grill---it was AMAZING!
We attempted family photos...
Nana had her Christmas while we were all together.
The girls shopped...
Danny and Paul mountain biked.
Jimmy rented ATV Razors
We face-timed Rob & Whitney...and Papa face-timed Amanda for her birthday.
We celebrated Amanda's birthday.
Danny, Paul and Jason helped with some small house repairs-gliches.
We laughed and laughed...
it was a break full of so many reminders of so much we have to be thankful for.

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Annie, Grace, Kate, Annemarie, Rylee, Kayley and Mya
Annemarie, Emily, Annie, Grace, Rylee, Kate, Kayley

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


My baby is TEN YEARS OLD!
We started the day EARLY!
She woke up at 5:30 in the morning! WOW!  I think she was excited!
When the rest of the family was up and ready---we opened her presents.
Danny and I gave her a mini doll camper and truck...with a doll and accessories!
Ellie and Kate gave her a nerf bow and arrow set.

We topped off the morning with french toast with challah bread- topped with fresh berries and a marscapone lemon cream.

I volunteer in her school class on Wednesdays.  As soon as I finished we snuck her out the door---
grabbed lunch at Cubby's and brought lunch for Nana and Papa to celebrate Nana's retirement!!!!
AND for Dede and Chase...Chase is recovering from a tympanoplasty.  
 Then we went to Dede's so Sophie and Chase (and Biscuit) could play.

 T E N  Y E A R S  O L D ! to tumbling!!!!!

We finished the day with dinner at Cafe Rio and Baked Bear!!!!